Cholmondeley Castle in Spring and Summer

I have had the good fortune this year to be commissioned by Cholmondeley Castle, in Cheshire, North West England, to photograph the stunning garden there in spring and summer.

When I arrived at dawn in April I was greeted by a sea of daffodils. This stretched from the ornate, wrought iron entrance gates, to a woodland grove, alive with the colour of magnolias and cherries.

Cholmondeley Castle Gardens April 17 Day 1-6

Cholmondeley Castle Gardens April 17 Day 1-15

Hellebores, Pulmonarias and Erythroniums were among the plants flowering on the woodland floor, and I photographed these while making my way to the magical Temple Garden, the highlight of any visit to Cholmondeley Castle. Here cherry blossom was reflected in the glassy lake, its mirror-like surface reflecting a vivid red azalea.

Cholmondeley Castle Gardens April 17 Day 1-30

Cholmondeley Castle Gardens April 17 Day 1-47

Cholmondeley Castle Gardens April 17 Day 2-32

In June I arrived at Cholmondeley Castle at 5am. The sun had not yet risen above the nearby hills and there was a soft, warm, ambient light bathing the garden.

It was going to be a hot, sunny day – far too bright for garden photography – so I had to work fast before the intense light washed out the colours and created unattractive, strong contrast.

My first stop was the herbaceous borders – where the lush planting glowed as the sun began to shine through a copse of distant trees.

Cholmondeley Castle Gardens in June-32

I also captured a photo of the castle itself, rising up through its surrounding landscape, bathed in a misty light while the surrounding garden remained in shadow.

Cholmondeley Castle Gardens in June-25

Again, I photographed the Temple Garden, at its summer best, as well as the terraced areas around the castle.

Cholmondeley Castle Gardens in June-38

Cholmondeley Castle Gardens in June-66

Cholmondeley Castle Gardens in June-70

Finally I walked into the parkland where I could photograph the castle from a distance, reflected in a large reed-fringed lake.

Cholmondeley Castle Gardens in June-94

I’m very much looking forward to returning to Cholmondeley Castle in a few weeks to capture the autumn colour. I will share some of those photos on this blog.

You can see more images of Cholmondeley Castle, including spring and autumn pictures taken in 2016, on my main website here.

For more examples of my garden photography, please see my website portfolio here.

For more information about Cholmondeley Castle, you can visit their website here.

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