Garden Design – Photographing a Cheshire Garden

As a professional garden photographer, I very much enjoy working with garden designers. Each assignment is different, capturing gardens of all sizes, ranging from rural to urban, traditional to contemporary, formal to beautifully wild.

When I’m commissioned to photograph a design project, my aim, in all cases, is to provide a set of beautiful pictures that meet my client’s needs. These may be used for marketing purposes online and in print – or as an image portfolio for awards where the best possible photography will help the designer’s submission.




I always photograph the wider garden, highlighting the hard landscaping elements as well as the artistry of the planting. I also aim to capture the smaller details that make the garden design unique and compelling.

I like to visit the garden when the light is best (very sunny days are not ideal) – this could be early morning or late evening when the sun is low; or if this is not possible, on bright, overcast days to ensure the best detail and colour saturation in each image.

Back in August I was asked by the very talented Louise Harrison-Holland of Blue Tulip Garden Design, to photograph a completed project in central Cheshire.

Her stunning  garden design combined traditional and contemporary elements, reflecting an older property with a much more modern extension.  It involved the renovation of a 46m long double border as well as the creation of a formal and attractive parterre garden.





Other features included a section for a greenhouse and raised planting beds, lawns, new seating areas with views out across the garden, a line of pleached Pyrus ‘Chanticleer’ trees,  and a large and magical wildflower garden, which looked fantastic in the dawn light.





This was a garden that excited me as soon as I arrived, it had so many photographic possibilities. It was rich in lead-in lines, attractive focal points, beautiful planting, varied and complementary textures, and crisp hard landscaping – all accentuated by warm early morning light, on what was to become one of the hottest days of the year.






Louise was very pleased with the final photos – and she is using them in her marketing activities; while I was delighted to have been asked to photograph one of the most impressive private gardens I have ever visited.

If you’re a designer and want to know more about my garden design photography service, please get in touch at

You can see more of my garden design images in this portfolio on my main website.

You can find out more about Louise’s garden design services at her website.

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